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Imagine an island as beautiful, or even, if it’s possible, more beautiful than Bali, but without the overdevelopment and massive crowds of tourists everywhere from the beach to the streets. Now imagine if this island also had a culture as rich as Bali’s and a pristine, virtually untouched natural environment.

Sounds like a paradise, right?

This is Nusa Penida. Just a thirty-minute boat ride from Bali, Nusa Penida is an ethnically Balinese island that has managed to remain unspoiled by out-of-control tourism development that covers much of Bali.

The same rich culture of dance and music and Balinese Hindu beliefs, but without the crowds. Stunning scenery and views, nature hikes, all easily accessible given the islands 22 kilometer (13.7 mile) length. Visit for a day trip, or stay for a while — there’s plenty to do.

Much bigger than neighboring Nusa Lembogan, which might be better known but is much more developed, Nusa Penida, in comparison, is massive but has just 42 villages spread across its area.

This island is perfect for visitors who yearn for the Bali of the past or who want to escape the crowds of Bali or for nature and bird lovers (what’s more is that this island is a protected bird sanctuary, home to the endangered Bali starling).

Friends of the National Parks Foundation has a special relationship with Nusa Penida, as the organization was able to build relationships with all 42 villages to create a wildlife sanctuary on the island. Thus, we can bring you an experience unlike any other!

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