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Bali, famous for its rich culture and religion and for its beautiful beaches and natural scenery, is Indonesia’s most visited island. In many ways, however, tourism is destroying the very paradise that it venerates.

But wondering where the real Bali is? Where to go, where the real Bali lives on? Not just for tourists? Bali Wildlife Tour can take you there.

Although there are certain centers (Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Denpasar etc.) that are filled with hotels, restaurants and tour services catering to foreign visitors, there are still parts of Bali, hidden from the gaze of tourists, that continue on with their traditional village life.

It all starts in Pejeng, the ancient capital of the Balinese-Hindu kingdoms. Pejeng might be just five kilometers outside of Ubud, the famous cultural city of Bali, but it is virtually unvisited by tourists. It is home to some of the most important temples in all of Bali and a world-class archaeological museum.

Bali Wildlife Tour can also connect you with FNPF’s wildlife sanctuaries on the island, like the Tabanan Rescue Center, which is home to rehabilitated crocodiles, macaques, endangered birds and other animals, or the Besikalung Wildlife Sancutary, which surrounds the famed Besikalung Temple.

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